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What are Skin Boosters?

Skin boosters have quickly become the most sought-after treatment at Beauté.


These injectables are specifically designed to moisturise the skin and combat the underlying factors that contribute to aging.


By replenishing and stimulating collagen production, they effectively enhance the texture, hydration, elasticity, and overall look of the skin. 


At Beauté, located in Somerset, our skilled practitioner Hayley specialises in administering skin boosters.


With Hayley's expertise, she can significantly improve the texture, hydration, elasticity, and overall appearance of your skin through these treatments.

What do Skin Boosters Target?

Skin boosters offer a wide range of benefits, addressing issues such as sagging skin, rough texture, acne scars, and sun damage.


By deeply moisturising the skin, they not only restore its natural glow but also reduce the visibility of any flaws.

Whether you want to revitalise your complexion or enhance its overall health, skin boosters are the perfect solution.

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Experience the trans-formative effects of our specialised hyaluronic acid treatment at Beauté.


Skilled dermatologist and aesthetic practitioner, Hayley, will expertly administer tiny injections of this naturally occurring hydrating and collagen-boosting agent.


Witness the restoration of moisture, improved skin elasticity, and enhanced collagen production for a rejuvenated complexion.

So How Do They

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When Will You See

Within Your Treatment

Experience the trans-formative effects of  skin booster treatments at Beauté in Somerset.


With just two to three sessions, spaced four to six weeks apart, you can achieve remarkable results.


While you'll notice an immediate improvement in skin hydration and texture, the full benefits will continue to unveil themselves up to two weeks after each session.


Hayley, will assess your progress during a complimentary review appointment and make any necessary tweaks or adjustments for optimal results.

At Beauté, Hayley places great importance on your comfort and overall well-being. Appointments are carefully structured to allow ample time for discussing your concerns, tailoring a personalised treatment plan, and ensuring that you feel completely at ease throughout the process.


The actual treatment is both efficient and virtually pain-free. Hayley will use her expertise to administer skin booster injections with precision, minimising any discomfort or potential bruising.


Depending on your specific treatment goals, Beauté will select from a range of options including Profhilo, Seventy Hyal, Jalpuro, or Lumi Eyes. and more top class products.


Why Beauté?

Experience the difference at Beauté Aesthetics Dermatology Clinic for your Skin Booster Treatment. Our expert, Hayley, is highly skilled in dermatology and aesthetics, ensuring your safety and well-being are always the top priority. With Hayley's background in advanced clinical practice, you can trust that you will receive the highest standard of care.


Hayley's 'Full Face Ethos' means she provides comprehensive advice on future treatments, ensuring long-lasting results. Our clinic offers a discreet and inclusive environment, welcoming everyone. If you're looking for a transformative dermal filler experience that focuses on safety, care, and enhancing your natural features, schedule your consultation at Beauté in Somerset today.

How Much Do Skin
Boosters Cost?

Who Are Skin Boosters
Suitable For?

Beauté offer Skin Boosters from £120

Profhilo  2 x Sessions - £320

Profhilo Top Up - £200

Seventy Hyal 2000 - £150 

Lumi Pro Skin Booster  - 2 x Sessions £220

Derma 2.0 Tone  - 2 x Sessions £240

Lemon Bottle Skin Booster - 2 x Sessions £210

Derma 2.0 Eye - £220


If you're looking to prevent the visible signs of aging, reduce fine lines, or rejuvenate your skin, a skin booster treatment may be the perfect solution for you.

Aftercare Treatment

At Beauté, Hayley will provide you with a personalised skin booster treatment aftercare plan. However, you should stay hydrated, avoid exercise, excessive heat and direct sunlight for 24 hours.

Pre-Treatment Care

Prior to your treatment, it is important to abstain from blood-thinning medication like ibuprofen and avoid consuming alcohol. However, please continue taking any prescribed medication without interruption.

Recommended Period For Skin Boosters 


The duration of the effects from your skin booster treatment typically ranges up to six months. 
Aesthetic & Dermatology Practitioner Hayley,  will create a personalised treatment plan for you, taking into account the specific needs of your skin.

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