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Age Spots and Pigmentation

Causes and Treatments

Age Spots and Pigmentation

Causes and Treatments

What is pigmentation, and what causes it?

Pigmentation is an inconsistent discolouration on the skin caused by the over-or underproduction of body pigment called melanin. The overproduction of melanin will see the skin turn darker (hyperpigmentation), while underproduction sees the skin turn lighter (hypopigmentation).

Healthy, undamaged skin cells will appear normal on the surface, but overexposure to the sun, hormonal imbalance or mechanical damage can cause changes to the cells, leading to blotchy discolouration.

What are age spots, and what causes them?

Age spots are small spots on the skin that can range from light brown to black in colour. They often group together and are the same texture as the surrounding skin, ranging in size from freckle-size to half an inch wide.

The skin’s natural ageing process is the most common cause, but genetics, hormones, and sun damage can also cause them to appear.

What treatments are available?

The first protocol to treating pigmentation or age spots is identifying the cause behind it as inappropriate treatments could cause the situation to worsen. Beaute Aesthetics Skin Clinic always start your skin journey with a thorough consultation.

The majority of darker pigmentation is treatable with our Microneedling  treatments. The treatment is highly effective and relatively quick with little downtime.

Light therapy can also dramatically improve skin quality.

An appropriate at-home skincare regime will also be crucial in treating pigmentation.

Start Your Journey

Start your journey to healthier, clearer skin with a skin consultation with Advanced Practitioner Hayley.


Hayley will analyse your skin, getting to the root of any problems using before putting together a treatment plan, with step-by-step how to support you in treating age spots and pigmentation.

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