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Excess and Ingrowing Hair

Causes and Treatments

What is excess hair, and what causes it?

Our bodies are almost entirely covered by hair, and, in most cases, we only remove it for cosmetic reasons. However, some individuals may have excess hair growth, often caused by genetic factors or a hormone imbalance such as polycystic ovary syndrome or hirsutism.

These can cause hair to grow stronger, thicker and appear on unwanted parts of the body, such as the jawline, upper lip, chin and neck.

What is ingrown hair, and what causes it?

Ingrown hairs can appear on the skin as inflamed spots. They often occur in the days following shaving or waxing and happen as a result of new hair becoming trapped under the skin, resulting in irritation. Unfortunately, this can be uncomfortable and take a long time to heal, with severe cases even resulting in scarring.

What treatments are available?

At Beauté Aesthetic Skin Clinic we offer approved Laser Hair Removal that is 90% effective with most skin type in reducing hair growth. We recommend a course of six treatments every 4-8 weeks, depending on the size of the area, to see the full impact. However, even after just one session, you should begin to see a significant reduction.

Our Laser Hair Removal treatments are effective for both unwanted hair and reducing ingrown hair. But, for those with more severe ingrown hairs, a combination of Light Therapy and Microneedling could work to maximise the results.

Start Your Journey

Start with a Skin Consultation with Advanced  Aesthetic Practitioner Hayley. Hayley will gain an understanding of your unique skin and its needs before working with you to create a treatment plan that will effectively tackle your key concerns, including reducing ingrown hair.

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